Sunday, September 24, 2006

Naked with knee socks

I like you.
In your basic black
and six inch spikes.
Back smooth skinned,
Midnight stockings.

I like you.
In your brocade suit
of starlight white.
A string of culture around your neck.
Fingers alive with the
Sparkle of gems.

I like you.
Your mink falling all
around you - Your hair
towering in swirls
of Drama - Your ears
holding Jaded rings.

I like you.
Most of all -

Naked with knee socks.

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West Coast sand

When your toes curl in West Coast sand,
And your eyes burn from too much sun.

When your hair gets long and tosses in the wind,
And your fingers find a brand new hand.

When your head finds a stronger shoulder,
And your ears find a softer voice.

When your mouth finds a sweeter tongue,
And your breast finds a gentler hand.

When your legs find a warmer waist,
And your thighs find a better earthquake.

When your eyes find your final lover,

Remember us,

and cry one tear for me.

I like wooden things

I like wooden things -
It proves there still are trees.
Sometimes I doubt it tho; for
All I ever see and feel is
concrete and plastic.
Cities are like that -
yea they are.

I keep watch for a rainbow trout
to jump out of the lake in
Central Park.

But all I ever see pop up
are Negro boys, trying to
pretend they're rainbows.

I can't fish too well anymore,
Or make a pot of coffee in a
morning fire.
But I can spot a mugger from
two-hundred yards,
And squeeze an old lady out of
the way with the best of them.

And I don't remember what night sky stars
are like,
But that's okay.

I burn a lot of candles.

I wish

I wish -

I wish my belly didn't crave your belly
so much.
I wish my hands wouldn't shake so badly
when you're gone.
I wish I was skipping in the park instead
of sitting here writing this poem

You're so full of life - I must bore you
sometimes becuase I have to sit
and wait.
But it doesn't matter much - I'll have
to give up soon anyway.

At least I won't bore you anymore, except
when I sit and stare at your favorite
sky dreaming of what was almost real
For once.

It's Fall again

It's fall again,
and the grey is strangly comforting
this year.

It makes things quiet,
and I could use some peace.

She didn't have to watch

You know - one time I met a girl
Who frighened me becuase she was so real.
Scared me so badly I ran away,
And tried to hide inside her best friend's arms.

I could not stay away -
So I returned inside a sunrise
And she said we'd try to start again.

Tonight I introduced her to my best friend -
And not I sit across the room as she nestles in his touch.

It makes me ache -

But at least I'd say we're even.

Execpt -

She didn't have to watch.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.