Thursday, June 25, 2009

you try to sleep while i type
you say you can hear me making sounds
in the night
the click of the keys the computer brain
working working overtime.
all the non-stop time
you are my lady, my sleeping beauty
my soul kiss

my heart hears mind music in the night,
when it is quiet and everyone
is wherever they go when they sleep.
outside the daily pains.
away to that place of peace
never worry, my love.
i will always come back to you.
where i never left

the piano of the keys beneath
me writing sounds in my head
so many running there.

swirling sad silly sentences
in the china dark.
sometimes i wake you with my noises
(i forget how loud i play the music)

go back to sleep.
i'll be there soon, and we'll go together
to our dream place.
our special private

that dimension on the other side.
of this side
or inside
get a little on the side
side of mayo
side of fries
california mudside

we have been youth,
and we have made it
so much farther
than the police said i would.
i owe you, for not just shaking you head
and walking away

i shake you head
but you don't walk away.
you just pull the covers up
and patiently

i'll be there soon
because i love you,

you sweet,
hard lovin belly rubbin',
foxed out madwoman,


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