Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I go to bed to sleep, perchance to dream
Ah, but therin lies the rub.
To dream of you so far away.. makes my melancholy heart
Begin to beat faster at the thought
Of you inside my arms.
Your eyes sweet light to rest on mine..
Your soul shining through that pastel blue.
God worked such kindness in your face.
Sweetness there for all to see.
But there is only one who sees the all of you.
That one, sweet love, is me.
Not long, not long, my precious one,
The space between us will be gone .
We'll hold each other in the night
And smile until the dawn.
We'll love so hard and laugh so loud
That God Himself will smile
To see the beauty of his gift.
the Vegas Moon that shines on both of us this night
makes souls like ours embrace each other.
May you sleep the gentle sleep of lovers..
and know your heart is safe.
I love you.
Truly,.. madly..deeply.. and always...

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